Independent Subway System (IND) Drill Car no. 41

IND Drill Car no. 41 being brought onto the museum grounds.

No. 41 is a drill car built by Magor Car Company in 1932 for the City of New York’s Independent Subway System (IND). It is manufactured as a self-propelled, motorized flat car with an operating cab in the middle. No. 41 was used for various maintenance and construction tasks throughout the subway system; it did not carry passengers. No. 41 was one of two cars built; its sister car no. 42, was damaged in a collision in 1948 and later scrapped in 1955.

After several years of service, no. 41 was retired and purchased by the museum, being added to the collection in 1978. However, the car remained in New York City for several years after, being under the care of the Railway Preservation Corp. and on loan to the New York Transit Museum.

In the Summer of 2021, no. 41 finally made it onto our museum grounds. It is currently undergoing restoration and will soon serve as a generator car, which will eventually help run some of our subway cars in the collection.