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A Railroad Shop Full of Treasures and Great Memories

Nestled in the Catskill Mountain region in Kingston, New York, a small railroad shop has suddenly sprung into life. Located at Milepost One on the old Delaware and Ulster Railroad, the shop building that houses part of the collection of the Trolley Museum of New York is quite busy these days with a beehive of activity. For the very first time in the museum's relatively short time in Kingston, work has continued right thru the coldest months of the year. In season's past most major work would come to an end right after the museum's operating season in the late Fall. Not so this year! This shop is BUSY!!!

Work here has centered around not one, but two of the museum's cars. Work continues just about each and every weekend as our Brill-built Model 55 Do­odle­bug inches closer to completion. This car is expected to re-enter passenger service this coming Spring for the first time in about 16 years. Master Mechanic Bill Wexler, his Son Liam Wexler, and Chief Mechanical Officer Harold Greenblatt have literally spent hundred's of man-hours bringing this once dead car back to life. 120 has already made a few test runs out to the end of the line at Kingston Point Park and returned. This car is almost complete! It is hoped to repaint this car in time for our opening day in the Spring. Several other individual's have also assisted on this project as well including Travis Gorham and others who have pitched in as time and availability permitted. Thank you everyone, for a job well done!

Work has also been done on our Johnstown PA trolley #358. This past weekend the 358 had it's old air compressor removed as it was on it's last legs and was be­gin­ning to fail. Bill Wexler and Harold Greenblatt went right back to work last Saturday evening to remove the compressor from the car. A new air compressor has been ordered and will be installed onto the car once it arrives. Limited work has also been done to try and install the upper sash windows which are missing from this car. This is a big job as they must be installed a certain way to insure that they fit properly. The idea here is to further improve the 358's outward ap­pear­ance, as well as totally enclose the car's interior. By doing so this car can operate during inclement weather and into the colder months of the year. Both cars 120 and 358 are very much a work in progress!

With all the work that is going on we are in need of additional volunteers to allow us to grow even further. We still need help on several projects now underway at the museum. Major trackwork is planned in order to keep our right-of-way safe. Motormen, Conductors and Flagmen are needed as operating crews. Additional help is also needed in car repair in order to improve the appearance of the mu­seum's col­lection. We have a job for just about anyone with some free time to spare. All you need is a desire to come up and volunteer! The 2017 operating season is already shaping up to be our best one yet! Why not climb on board as a volunteer at our museum? Great times and great times await you along with a great group of fellow volunteers! We have a great time together; Why not join in on the fun?

Come on up, the 2017 operating season is just a few months away!

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We're a volunteer non-profit educational organization bring­ing trolley and subway history to life today and for the future.

IBM group at R16

Can you use a telephone or a computer? A paintbrush or shovel? A hammer or saw? Are you a real go-getter who can help with fund-raising or organizing vol­un­teers? We need you! We can use your abilities, be they muscular, cerebral, or something in be­tween!

IBM group at R16

Spread the word that the Trolley Museum needs volunteers. Talk to your co­workers. Mention it at your church group. Brag to your relatives. Impress your golfing buddys with your community spirit. Get 'em down to the museum!