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Business partnerships with the Trolley Museum of New York

Are you a business owner or manager in the Kingston area? Any and all of the opportunities on this page benefit both your business and the Trolley Museum!

Advertising: Help support the Trolley Museum by ad­ver­tis­ing your local business in our historic trolley! Thousands of people ride the trolley every year covering a broad de­mo­graph­ic—kids, teens, adults and seniors, often in family groups. They're a captive au­di­ence during the 3-mile trolley ride. Purchase ads in the form of car cards that are clearly visible to the trolley pas­sengers.

sample ad card

A new 11" high by 21" wide ad card, in­clud­ing design and printing, is only $250 for one year. Renew an existing card for $150.

Reserve your spot today. Call 845-​331-3399 or e-mail .

Ad cards are required to have a vintage look. For vintage-inspired advertising design please contact Renée Darmstadt, Cornell St. Studios, at 845-331-0191 or .

Cornel St Studio Logo

Corporate Sponsorship: Donate $200 or more to add your business name to the Corporate Sponsorship Board in our Visitor's Center. Also in­cludes an annual pass for un­limited trolley rides for you and your family.

Named Sponsorship: Imagine your busi­ness name per­ma­nently displayed on a building, trolley or other structure at the Trolley Museum. The Trolley Museum has many large-​scale projects in its long term plan that can only be ac­com­plished with generous sponsorship from the business com­munity.

Certainly the museum is al­ways seeking grant sources. How­ever, even the largest potential supporters of a project, be they public or private, seek col­lab­o­ration with other funding sources to make their dollar go further. This is where your business can make a splash by donating a sig­nif­i­cant portion of a project's costs and having your name associated with it.

Planned Giving: When you go to the big trolley barn in the sky, let the estate that you worked so hard to build sup­port the museum in the future. Consider writing the Trolley Mu­se­um of New York into your will. Contact your financial plan­ner for the variety of ways—​trusts, bequests, insurance pol­icies, etc.—​that can be used to transfer assets to the mu­se­um while also avoiding estate taxes.

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Contact the museum now to make these opportunities a reality! Call 845-​331-3399 or e-mail .